Development of RIIO-ED2 framework

Development of RIIO-ED2 framework

We’re developing our RIIO-ED2 business plan with customers and stakeholders of all backgrounds to make sure it meets their ambitions.

Our approach to RIIO-ED2 means we’ll be able to deliver for our customers in the areas which matter to them most – reliability, efficiency, cost, safety, customer service and facilitating Net Zero. Through our engagement so far we’ve live tested different approaches and ambitions in various categories with our stakeholders. Their feedback has shaped our plans from the outset. Below you can find our responses which show how our thinking has developed throughout the ED2 journey and reflects a methodology that is in our customers’ interests.

Our key focus areas

The nature of our business means we are responsible for keeping the lights on, safely and sustainably, and caring for our customers in the most vulnerable circumstances across our communities.

Maintain the safety and reliability of our electricity networks by doing no harm to people and places and making sure power cuts are as rare and short as possible.

Meet our customers’ evolving needs by improving existing services and shaping new ones.

Take care of the environment by reducing the environmental impact of our operations and enabling our country’s transition to net zero carbon emissions.

Go above and beyond for our communities by ensuring we remain legitimate and responsible in the eyes of our customers.

Support our customers in vulnerable circumstances and ensure they are not left behind during the complex energy transition.

RIIO-2 Open Letter Responses

Please see below our open letter and consultation responses that form part of the broader RIIO-2 framework, which is focused on gas distribution, gas transmission and electricity transmission.

RIIO-ED2 Open Letter Responses

Please see below our responses that refer specifically to the RIIO-ED2 price control framework.

01 October 2020 UKPN SSMC Response